Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day One: Universal Studios and A Night Out!

@ Sheraton Universal, Los Angeles, CA

So Universal Studios was a ton of fun!! We started off with the studio tour which was a really fun. The best for me was the Bates Motel from Psycho. I really liked that there was a live actor.

Then we hit some of the rides. My favorite, hands down, was the Simpson's ride. It was this kickass motion simulator that I just loved. We did Jurassic Park which sucked in my opinion because we got wet, and I HATE wet rides! Thankfully it was hot and lunch time and my shoes were dry, otherwise I really would have been in a bad mood.

After lunch, we hit the Mummy Ride, a fucking blast! And Backdraft, boring. Lastly, we went to the Special Effects show, which was actually kind of fun. We walked City Walk for a bit, although there wasn't much to see. Most of the things there are tourist traps. Bubba Gump, Hard Rock Cafe, etc.

That evening we took the tram down the hill, then walked back up! Yikes! California is all hills! So we were hot, exhausted but still excitable, so we took a dip in the pool, showered and hit the town. We went to this awesome restaurant that A&E told us about called Micheli's. It had this awesome live jazz and the waiters would often stop and sing. It was REALLY COOL!! What a lovely way to spend the evening!

We went back to the hotel after that, hoping to find some cool evening entertainment, but nothing seemed to work out, and we were just plain tired, so we crashed.

There is still so much to say! So much to tell! Yet, I fear I have to go. I am behind, I know that, but I am exhausted!

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