Friday, October 9, 2009

Day Seven: Paramount

@ Home

This is going to be the last of the trip blog. Sad.

So on Monday we had one last studio tour before we left the town. We were scheduled to go to the Paramount Lot. We got up, packed and checked out of the hotel. Then we found that lot and luckily had time to eat lunch before the tour.

This tour was kinda cool because we were the only people on it! It was nice and super informal. I love it! No major siteings though. R said she saw the lady from Monk though. I did sort of want to steal a prop from the set of My Boys, but alas, I did not. Really should have though. The oppurtunity was there!

So afterward, we packed up and we were on our way. We didn't stop in Vegas because I was exhausted and we got home safe and sound on Tuesday.

What an awesome trip!

Day Six: The Premiere!--Part 2, DWIGHT!!!

Zachary Quinto has killed my computer, how very Sylar of him. Stupid season 3 of Heroes!

Well, well, well, where were we? Oh yeah, my favorite part.

So after the movie, I grab R and head out to the lobby and we start walking slowly with the crown, chatting about what we should do now, and how much we enjoyed the movie. We're sort of standing there, stuck where we are and out of the door next to our door, walks RAINN WILSON!!! RAINN WILSON!!!! Dwight! From The Office!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE him!! So I am freaking out! Well, on the inside at least. On the outside I was calm. Almost stoic in fact. So he's just talking and hugging people and Lord knows all I can even think in my head is "Hey! That's Dwight!" and "Man! He's really tall!" SoI just keep walking and leave. I did spot his wife though. Oh God! I am a total stalker!

So we keep walking back to the City Walk area and I keep my eyes peeled. And lo and behold I do spy Keifer Sutherland (who for the record, doesn't look bad ass enough to headbutt someone.) He looked good. VERY Jack Bower!

After that, we grabbed lunch and went back to the hotel. We actually didn't really have anywhere to go after that. It was the highlight of our trip, what was left?

Last day will be up later.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day Six: The Premiere!


So Sunday is my big day! Which is so fitting seeing as it was our last day.

So we slept in a bit and when we finally got up we thought we should try and find Rodeo Dr. again, but since we knew it would be expensive to eat there, we thought we'd take the shuttle up to City Walk and eat somewhere up there. In truth, the whold thing seemed so mundane and boring becaue it was Sunday and we were tired and we'd been to City Walk so many times.

We got up and walked to the center strip intent on finding food when a shaggy man in a dark trenchcoat with sunglasses on approached us. Of course, by this point in our vacation I had been approached and pitched to like 100 times and I was just plain SICK of it! So I started to side step him and refocused my attention so I could avoid him. R did not.

Luckily he just asked if we wanted to see a free showing of Monsters Vs. Aliens. It wasn't out until the follwing Friday, so yeah, we wanted to see it. But on the other hand, we were hungry. We hemmed and hawed for a few seconds, then we went for it.

At this point, they were cutting people off and told us we needed to hurry because if they shut the doors there was NO WAY we were getting in. So R and I hurridly walk this blue astroturf carpet FOREVER!! On the way we pick up some SWAG, the 3-D glasses in a nice case and a big blue Bob. "Hurry!" they keep telling us, so I pick up the pace a little more. It all seemed silly, why was the theater so fucking far away?! Why was I walking this damned blue carpet FOREVER?!? Why was that E! van in the parking lot when we came in?!?!

Then I turned the corner...

...and ther I found all the answers!!

It was a wall of cameras and paparazzi all packing up for the day. WE WERE OFFICIALLY AT THE MOVIE PREMIERE!!!

Still, doubt lingered in my head. This couldn't be the movie premiere! Not the one the celebs attended! The things I watch on E! always wanting to attend. The things that seem so very unreal! So as this dialogue is floating around in my head, I keep running down this blue carpet, past all of the cameras. I get to the end and try to speed around the turn, and I nearly collide into a man. I take a step back and make my apologies. He smiles and continues on down the carpet, talking to the lady next to him about how he really needed to get out of there. As he passes I noticed his face, very unshavened. His voice, a low and soft British accent. All strikingly familiar. Sure enough, it was HUGH LAURIE!! I just have to say, he look WAY taller on TV!

I move on, but quickly look back at R. We share the same look, and a million words silently pass between us. But we keep going. Amazingly, we come around the bend and we get in the doors, safe and sound just in time for the movie.

It was AWESOME! It was cool because people cheered through the credits. And for the first time EVER, people (including me!) applauded at the end and I totally validated it. As the lights came up after the credits the man next to me turned around and pointed at the woman behind me and said "Paul Rudd's wife right?"

My head spun so fast, I should have had whiplash! Sadly, the woman was alone. No Paul Rudd, but it appeared to be his wife. They chatted for a minute, but I decided it was time to get going.

It's late, and the next part is my favorite, so I am going to leave you....but stay tuned!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Day Five: Lost! and Manhattan Beach.

@ Home

On Saturday, we got to sleep in a bit then we got up and tried desperatly to find Rodeo Drive. Unfortunatly we got really, really lost!! And of course I was driving and R can't read a map so that became really frustrating!! We gave up and decided to just head out to Manhattan Beach to see her cousins.

So we drove out and we stopped and ahd breakfast, then we went to their house. They are super nice!! We had some tea and cookies and chatted, then we walked down to Hermosa Beach which was like a mile away and up some crazy hills! But it was nice!

Afterward we got up and drove down to Marina Del Ray to check out the area and we had some yummy Cheesecake Factory where I saw Beth Littleford from The Daily Show! After that we headed back and then went to crash at the hotel.

It started out as a really crappy day, but turned out quite nice in the end.

Still bummed we never hit Rodeo!

Day Four Cont.: Hanging with E

@ Home

Whoops! My friends walked in just as I was finishing that last blog and I needed to work with them.

So where did I leave off? Oh yeah, E's work. So we went down to see him which was pretty cool. Afterwards, we went back to E's house to consolidate cars and he took us off up to the Observatory. It was amazing, we got to look down on LA at night and it was just so beautiful!! I wish I could have gotten a picture!

So we get back in the car and we drove all over town, getting a cool tour of the place. We finally got to see Chateau Marmont!! And the Viper Room and a few other famous places. Then we sat and had dinner at some really kick ass chinese restaurant. We just sat and talked and had a total blast!! It was such a fun night!! My favorite by far!

Day Four: NBC

@ Subway, Aurora (Home!)

On Friday morning we got up and we decided to do the NBC Studio Tour. I have to say that was the least exciting tour we did. The coolest thing was that we got to see the set for The Tonight Show. Which, by the way, looks way smaller then it does on TV. It's kinda crazy! While we were there, we got to see Chris Cornell warming up. Oh! And we got to see Jay's car of the day! That was actually pretty darn cool!

Then afterward, since we were enjoying the area of town we were in, we stopped at Bob's Big Boy down the street from the studio. Oh and we had such good food! I do have to say though that I prefer the milkshakes at Gunther Toody's. The are way better! Silly, I know!

In the afternoon we went back to the hotel and waited for E to get a hold of us because we were going to visit his office. But he got pushed back so R and I opted to take a nap. We were so bloody TIRED!!

After, we went out to see Erin....

Day Three: Sony Pictures Lot

@ Universal Sheraton Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

Man! I am behind! I'll try my best to catch up.

So Wednesday night we come back and hit up the pool and hot tub again, which was so nice because it was so fucking hot that day!! So we relaxed and did that and then we went and had dinner at In & Out Burger.

After that we practically crashed out, although I had a hankering for dessert so we ordered creme brulee from room service. After that, I was officially dead to the world!

On Thursday we got up and had an early tour booked at the Sony Pictures lot. So somehow we dragged ourselves out of bed early and got there in great time. The Sony tour was amazing! It's such a beautiful and old school studio. I just absolutely loved it!

While we were on the back lot, it was so interesting because I saw parking spaces for Judd Apatow, Leslie Mann and Jonah Hill. I was so jealous we didn't actually see them though. (I now know this was for the wreck of a movie called UnFunny People)


So we also saw a bunch of great theatre dork things like the scoring stage and the foley stage. I LOVED IT!!

As the tour was winding down a man came up to our tour group and asked if any of us wanted to see a taping of Wheel of Fortune. R and I immediatly jumped at that chance. It turned out that a bunch of VIPs didn't show up and they needed to get an audience in there. So we sat through 3 taping, all of which will air in July (They are so saved on my DVR and my hair looks amazing!!) and there is a very good chance I'll be on camera a little bit (I was, you can see my face!).

You know the crazy thing about Wheel? You are CONSTANTLY clapping! It's insane! I had a blasty-blast watching though.

Afterwards, they tried to send us off and out the wrong door, but luckily I saw one of the tour guides from earlier who sort of knew what had happened to us and she very graciously walked us back. When we got back to the main building, R said "Oh my God! That's Rider Strong!" and sure enough, it was! 10 year old me flipped out! He's quite short. Just sayin'

After that we headed out and had lunch in Santa Monica and walked a little bit of the 3rd Street Promanade. I sort of had a tummy ache though so after that we went home and I took a shower.

We rested a bit, then decided to head up to City Walk and have some dinner before The Office, so we hit up Hard Rock Cafe, and did a bit of shopping. We came down, watched The Office and tried desperatly to stay awake to watch Obama on Leno but it was close. I passed out halfway through.

More later!