Monday, October 5, 2009

Day Three: Sony Pictures Lot

@ Universal Sheraton Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

Man! I am behind! I'll try my best to catch up.

So Wednesday night we come back and hit up the pool and hot tub again, which was so nice because it was so fucking hot that day!! So we relaxed and did that and then we went and had dinner at In & Out Burger.

After that we practically crashed out, although I had a hankering for dessert so we ordered creme brulee from room service. After that, I was officially dead to the world!

On Thursday we got up and had an early tour booked at the Sony Pictures lot. So somehow we dragged ourselves out of bed early and got there in great time. The Sony tour was amazing! It's such a beautiful and old school studio. I just absolutely loved it!

While we were on the back lot, it was so interesting because I saw parking spaces for Judd Apatow, Leslie Mann and Jonah Hill. I was so jealous we didn't actually see them though. (I now know this was for the wreck of a movie called UnFunny People)


So we also saw a bunch of great theatre dork things like the scoring stage and the foley stage. I LOVED IT!!

As the tour was winding down a man came up to our tour group and asked if any of us wanted to see a taping of Wheel of Fortune. R and I immediatly jumped at that chance. It turned out that a bunch of VIPs didn't show up and they needed to get an audience in there. So we sat through 3 taping, all of which will air in July (They are so saved on my DVR and my hair looks amazing!!) and there is a very good chance I'll be on camera a little bit (I was, you can see my face!).

You know the crazy thing about Wheel? You are CONSTANTLY clapping! It's insane! I had a blasty-blast watching though.

Afterwards, they tried to send us off and out the wrong door, but luckily I saw one of the tour guides from earlier who sort of knew what had happened to us and she very graciously walked us back. When we got back to the main building, R said "Oh my God! That's Rider Strong!" and sure enough, it was! 10 year old me flipped out! He's quite short. Just sayin'

After that we headed out and had lunch in Santa Monica and walked a little bit of the 3rd Street Promanade. I sort of had a tummy ache though so after that we went home and I took a shower.

We rested a bit, then decided to head up to City Walk and have some dinner before The Office, so we hit up Hard Rock Cafe, and did a bit of shopping. We came down, watched The Office and tried desperatly to stay awake to watch Obama on Leno but it was close. I passed out halfway through.

More later!

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