Monday, October 5, 2009

Day Five: Lost! and Manhattan Beach.

@ Home

On Saturday, we got to sleep in a bit then we got up and tried desperatly to find Rodeo Drive. Unfortunatly we got really, really lost!! And of course I was driving and R can't read a map so that became really frustrating!! We gave up and decided to just head out to Manhattan Beach to see her cousins.

So we drove out and we stopped and ahd breakfast, then we went to their house. They are super nice!! We had some tea and cookies and chatted, then we walked down to Hermosa Beach which was like a mile away and up some crazy hills! But it was nice!

Afterward we got up and drove down to Marina Del Ray to check out the area and we had some yummy Cheesecake Factory where I saw Beth Littleford from The Daily Show! After that we headed back and then went to crash at the hotel.

It started out as a really crappy day, but turned out quite nice in the end.

Still bummed we never hit Rodeo!

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