Monday, October 5, 2009

Day Four: NBC

@ Subway, Aurora (Home!)

On Friday morning we got up and we decided to do the NBC Studio Tour. I have to say that was the least exciting tour we did. The coolest thing was that we got to see the set for The Tonight Show. Which, by the way, looks way smaller then it does on TV. It's kinda crazy! While we were there, we got to see Chris Cornell warming up. Oh! And we got to see Jay's car of the day! That was actually pretty darn cool!

Then afterward, since we were enjoying the area of town we were in, we stopped at Bob's Big Boy down the street from the studio. Oh and we had such good food! I do have to say though that I prefer the milkshakes at Gunther Toody's. The are way better! Silly, I know!

In the afternoon we went back to the hotel and waited for E to get a hold of us because we were going to visit his office. But he got pushed back so R and I opted to take a nap. We were so bloody TIRED!!

After, we went out to see Erin....

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