Friday, October 9, 2009

Day Six: The Premiere!--Part 2, DWIGHT!!!

Zachary Quinto has killed my computer, how very Sylar of him. Stupid season 3 of Heroes!

Well, well, well, where were we? Oh yeah, my favorite part.

So after the movie, I grab R and head out to the lobby and we start walking slowly with the crown, chatting about what we should do now, and how much we enjoyed the movie. We're sort of standing there, stuck where we are and out of the door next to our door, walks RAINN WILSON!!! RAINN WILSON!!!! Dwight! From The Office!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE him!! So I am freaking out! Well, on the inside at least. On the outside I was calm. Almost stoic in fact. So he's just talking and hugging people and Lord knows all I can even think in my head is "Hey! That's Dwight!" and "Man! He's really tall!" SoI just keep walking and leave. I did spot his wife though. Oh God! I am a total stalker!

So we keep walking back to the City Walk area and I keep my eyes peeled. And lo and behold I do spy Keifer Sutherland (who for the record, doesn't look bad ass enough to headbutt someone.) He looked good. VERY Jack Bower!

After that, we grabbed lunch and went back to the hotel. We actually didn't really have anywhere to go after that. It was the highlight of our trip, what was left?

Last day will be up later.

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