Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day Six: The Premiere!


So Sunday is my big day! Which is so fitting seeing as it was our last day.

So we slept in a bit and when we finally got up we thought we should try and find Rodeo Dr. again, but since we knew it would be expensive to eat there, we thought we'd take the shuttle up to City Walk and eat somewhere up there. In truth, the whold thing seemed so mundane and boring becaue it was Sunday and we were tired and we'd been to City Walk so many times.

We got up and walked to the center strip intent on finding food when a shaggy man in a dark trenchcoat with sunglasses on approached us. Of course, by this point in our vacation I had been approached and pitched to like 100 times and I was just plain SICK of it! So I started to side step him and refocused my attention so I could avoid him. R did not.

Luckily he just asked if we wanted to see a free showing of Monsters Vs. Aliens. It wasn't out until the follwing Friday, so yeah, we wanted to see it. But on the other hand, we were hungry. We hemmed and hawed for a few seconds, then we went for it.

At this point, they were cutting people off and told us we needed to hurry because if they shut the doors there was NO WAY we were getting in. So R and I hurridly walk this blue astroturf carpet FOREVER!! On the way we pick up some SWAG, the 3-D glasses in a nice case and a big blue Bob. "Hurry!" they keep telling us, so I pick up the pace a little more. It all seemed silly, why was the theater so fucking far away?! Why was I walking this damned blue carpet FOREVER?!? Why was that E! van in the parking lot when we came in?!?!

Then I turned the corner...

...and ther I found all the answers!!

It was a wall of cameras and paparazzi all packing up for the day. WE WERE OFFICIALLY AT THE MOVIE PREMIERE!!!

Still, doubt lingered in my head. This couldn't be the movie premiere! Not the one the celebs attended! The things I watch on E! always wanting to attend. The things that seem so very unreal! So as this dialogue is floating around in my head, I keep running down this blue carpet, past all of the cameras. I get to the end and try to speed around the turn, and I nearly collide into a man. I take a step back and make my apologies. He smiles and continues on down the carpet, talking to the lady next to him about how he really needed to get out of there. As he passes I noticed his face, very unshavened. His voice, a low and soft British accent. All strikingly familiar. Sure enough, it was HUGH LAURIE!! I just have to say, he look WAY taller on TV!

I move on, but quickly look back at R. We share the same look, and a million words silently pass between us. But we keep going. Amazingly, we come around the bend and we get in the doors, safe and sound just in time for the movie.

It was AWESOME! It was cool because people cheered through the credits. And for the first time EVER, people (including me!) applauded at the end and I totally validated it. As the lights came up after the credits the man next to me turned around and pointed at the woman behind me and said "Paul Rudd's wife right?"

My head spun so fast, I should have had whiplash! Sadly, the woman was alone. No Paul Rudd, but it appeared to be his wife. They chatted for a minute, but I decided it was time to get going.

It's late, and the next part is my favorite, so I am going to leave you....but stay tuned!

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