Sunday, April 11, 2010

Round 2 begins...

@ Hampton Inn, Heyward CA.

Here goes round 2.

This time San Francisco. And this time, we flew. EEEEK!! I did alright. Mostly.

The plane was late getting into Denver and therefore was late leaving Denver, which was annoying. We should have left at 1:55 and we left at 3:05. SO annoying! And I couldn't sit by my dad, which was also annoying.

But we made it. We got to see the school and I met the dean of the program, it was awesome. This school is so beautiful. It's amazing. I love it. I can totally see myself here. This is my future.

On Friday night we saw American Idiot: The Musical at the Berkeley Rep. AMAZING! Officially my favorite musical now. Thank you Green Day. You know, they were the reason I opened my search to San Francisco. And the reason I wanted to check out Mills. And the reason I booked this trip when I did. I know that makes me sound like a stalker, but I am not. I fully expect to NEVER see them or ever even know them. But I owe them.

On Saturday we did the city. We saw Alcatraz from afar, shopped through some of the city, crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, walked down Haight-Ashbury, and even took a moment to see the Full House Houses (which go by a name I absolutely cannot rememeber and refuse to use.)

The today we went up into the hillsides and went to a winery. We drank wine, we bought wine, it was lovely.

I love this place. It is my new home. Now, I'll I have to do, is get accepted to college.

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Kacey Anisa Stamats said...

That show is popular here too, but you know, lots of reviewers are saying Berkley did it best. You caught the real thing.